• 03/06/2014

VIDEO | Presenting the ESTECO Illy Design Competition

The ESTECO Illy Design Competition has been presented  by Claudio Bolzicco, Product Development Director at Illy,​ during the recent modeFRONTIER International Users' Meeting 2014 in Trieste. Watch the recording of the detailed presentation.

The ESTECO Illy Design Competition was presented  by Claudio Bolzicco, Product Development Director at Illy,​ at the recent modeFRONTIER International Users' Meeting 2014 held in Trieste.

The recording of the presentation, outlining the typical layout and standard components of an iperespresso machine​, is now available to all students interested in the challenge.

​Watch it now, learn more about the pressurization system and get inspired to design the most innovative espresso machine!

>> Watch the Video of the Presentation

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